Friday, September 22, 2017

Where and What is Lj doing now?

Location:  Still Sierra Vista, AZ
What:  Artist...WHAT?!

That is right, painting, not houses but on canvas.  It surprises me too!  The paintings previously posted in 2016 were the beginnings but they have come along way from then:

After a crossroads decision to move to a new place (Montana and Casper, WY were in the final running), stayed in Sierra Vista and moved to a new apartment.

Joined the local art association and was juried (i.e. picked to hang) in the gallery starting October 2017.  Located at 1835 Paseo San Luis Sierra Vista, AZ.
Great to have validation from a panel of artists that my work really is good! Totally tried to be cool after getting the news but in emogi language it looked like this:  ðŸ˜ŽðŸ‘...😁👏...🎜🎜🎜YEAH!!

So, that is my news to-date.   Have listed my work on the following websites:

Friday, March 24, 2017

Road trip therapy...

Sometimes you just need to hit the road to get yourself straight.  Arizona offers a lot of options.  Dart to the map landed on the Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona.  Listed as a two hour loop drive (took me 2 1/2 hours) and $20 entry fee.

There are several large rocks outside the park that you can photograph for free but it was still worth it and no power lines to mar the photo and plenty of places to safely pull off and with a speed limit of 15 MPH no worries about cars coming up on you at 65 MPH!

First day got to the park just before the gate closed at 5:30 (BTW-this part of AZ does daylight savings time and I had no cell service anywhere on the reservation).  There are people who live in the park, no power lines in sight, but they didn't appreciate all the traffic in the evening which is why it closes earlier in the winter.   Got some shots from the visitor center.  


This horse and its posse didn't allow the cattle guard to deter its path, it skirted the fence and guard and meandered to greener grass.

A nights rest and back to the park (P.S. Stayed in Kayenta at the Wetherill Inn. Comfy and roomy.)  Here are some of my pics from the park-played with some of the settings on camera - vivid colors, fisheye:

Group of horses just roaming around.

 This horse took a dislike to my hand sanitizer and chased me to my car!


 There is blooms but very small and you must stop and search.  There are lots of shades of green too.

 The vivid color setting on my camera really pops the landscape (more than reality, but its pretty).  Unfortunately I end up looking like one of the oompa loompas with orange skin, hair even looks a little green here...

I was thinking maybe my eyes would pop on this setting but had a hard time not squinting and when I didn't squint I forgot to use the right setting, lol.  Then the right setting, big eyes but...ummmm...NEXT!
On the way home and finally some wild flowers.

Friday, March 10, 2017

 If you get low enough you can make it look like there is a lot of flowers.  We were a couple of days late to get to see the bumper crop of blooms.  This is Picacho Peak.

There should be a lot of blooms on the Sauguro come May/June.

My partner in the day's adventure.  So glad to get to know B.M. better.

Up close and personal with some flora.

We thought maybe a venture up to Mt Lemon might give us some more flowers, instead we found snow at the higher elevations and a few flowers on the lower.

Friday, December 16, 2016

More exploring:

Yes there is water in AZ.  Was trying to find an area to get a picture of the super duper moon last month and thought a bridge east of town would be a great spot.  Got the moon rise time wrong.  But discovered that a mini imitation of the Paris bridge lovers locks. 

I did eventually get a picture of the moon.  Tried again the next morning and again didn't check the time of the moon setting but enjoyed the dawn of morning. 

 Not as spectacular as previous sites.

Introducing another peep to geocaching.  This was our 2nd cache and it was a bit of a chore to find, micro cache.  The first one was easy and out 3rd one we didn't get even close as we heard a swarm of bees between us and the cache.
 After a lovely lunch we went exploring an area that last week had a fire and we found fall.  The rest of the country is experiencing winter we are seeing the brillant fall colors.

My eagle-eyed companion spotted this woodpecker doing its thing in the midst of a recently burned cacti.

 Working on some more black and white paintings.